5 reasons why I love Physics

By Favour Ajao, BSc Physics


There are many aspects of Physics that I love, but let me share my top 5 reasons with you:




1. Physics is a practical subject! The study of this field involves carrying out practical sessions and investigations that explain physical concepts, getting results and analysing them yourselves. It’s exciting to know that you are following in the footsteps of physicists from the past, and to have the opportunity to even devise your own investigations. You also get to play around with really cool equipment, like 3D printers!


2. Physics is a NOT a practical subject. That being said – as practical as Physics is, it is equally a theoretical subject. Quantum mechanics and the mathematics involved is beautiful! The way that the weird and wonderful world of quantum is explained through the language of mathematics is incredibly bizarre, but also makes perfect sense. Quantum physics is also within the realm of philosophy, forcing you to question what you believe reality to be.


3. I am discovering new parts of physics! I didn’t know that the field of Biophysics existed before starting my Physics degree. I was immediately fascinated, and very curious to learn more. I wasn’t aware that Physics could be applied in the biological world, like the dynamics of motor proteins.


4. Physics is the language of the universe! Everything around us is explained using physical concepts, from the very tiny atomic scale to the entire universe.


5. Career prospects are broad. You can do absolutely anything with a Physics degree, as you develop many transferable skills that are easily applicable to many different fields. There are physicists who work in finance, research and engineering to name a few. What’s more, some even use physics to make music, and become musicians!  

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  1. Dear Ms.Ajao,
    Loved that physics is practical and not practical. I’ll use that with my students bc it is so true, as you describe. Peace,
    Michael Crescimanno

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