An Engineer’s guide to the King’s Strand campus – where to work, study and relax!

By Idan Goldstein, BEng Electronic and Information Engineering


If you think that life as an engineering student means spending hours and hours in the lab…think again! There are plenty of different spaces across King’s which cater to aspiring engineers – no matter your workstyle, there’s somewhere on campus that’s perfect for you. Here are a few of my favourite places across the Strand campus: 



The Macadam Building is my favourite place to relax with friends – ihas a great ‘engineering’ vibe! Here you can find the King’s Modern Electronics Lab, where you can play with different breadboards and countless components. There is a students-only café right by the Thames, where many bright minds sit together for a cuppa and bite to eatThere are also dedicated booths to get some team or solo work done – these have installed screens which can mirror your phone/laptop, so that you can crack that problem with your mates.  


Bush House
Bush House used to serve as the headquarters of the BBC World Service!

Ithe nature of your engineering studies are leaning more towards a computing-based approach, Bush House is the place to go. In addition to the powerful PCs at the Informatics Laboratories, which can be accessed round the clock, Bush House also houses The Vaulta modern bar that serves hot food where students across King’s meet up to siteat and relax (and contrary to misconceptions, you can find plenty of engineers there 😀). 


You can also enjoy featured exhibitions at the Maughan Library

Lastly, King’s Strand Campus is also home to the Maughan Library, where you can find plenty of individual silent-study areasgroup study rooms and access to every book a lecturer might suggest.  

And there you have it! Studying Engineering at King’s is as close to an ideal learning experience as one can hope for when you have such fantastic spaces and facilities at hand. Within a mere five minutes’ walking radius, you’ll be guaranteed to find the best place for you and your mates to spend time being productive and have fun no matter where you are on campus.  

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