Why I chose to study Physics & Philosophy at King’s

By Julia, BSc Physics & Philosophy

Choosing which course to pursue at university can be tricky! In this post I’ll be outlining some factors which helped me make the decision to study Physics & Philosophy at King’s.

Its uniqueness

I was very drawn to the course’s unique combination of humanities with natural sciences. I still did not know what I wanted to do in the future whilst at school, and since I enjoyed both fields, I felt that the breadth and flexibility of this course at King’s left loads of different career options still open for me.


Understanding the universe as a whole

Philosophy complements the study of Physics very well. I found that some Physics theories could cause philosophical dilemmas and I was looking forward to learn all about them. I wanted to dive deep into General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics as well as into Philosophy of Physics, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Science or Philosophy of Mind, so as to explore the limits of our knowledge and understand nature to the fullest.


King’s reputation

The departments of Philosophy and Physics at King’s are both internationally recognised, with great academics and opportunities. Moreover, a few former staff and students from the Department of Physics have won Nobel Prizes – I was excited to be part of this learning environment, and broaden my future career options.


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