Why I chose to study Mathematics

By Clara, BSc Mathematics

While applying to university, many students ask themselves the same question – should I choose to study the subject I’m passionate about, or the one that offers stability in the future? In mathematics, I found both.

The main reason why I chose to study maths goes back to when I was only 13 years old and had recently started high school in my native country, Sweden. I was no longer going to be studying natural sciences as a single subject but instead, the main fields were separated into individual subjects. Even though the level of study was far from advanced, I immediately realised the impact that mathematics has on the sciences and hence on our society. The countless and various applications of maths means that the skills of a mathematician can be useful in many careers. Because of my great interest, I quickly decided to choose maths as the subject for my university studies. The wide range of career paths that a maths degree offers was something I viewed as a bonus.

At the start of high school, I also took a special liking to physics. Like maths, this interest only grew. Since the language of mathematics is predominantly universal, and considering I’m from a non-English speaking country, I thought maths would be a better way to ease myself into the academic world in the UK. I reasoned that the skills I would gain from a maths degree could later be applied to something connected to physics. That way I could get the best of both worlds. I thoroughly enjoy mathematics on its own but it’s also really exciting seeing it come to life through physics. To some extent, I already get to see this in my undergraduate maths degree!

Now halfway into my first year, I am certain that my 13-year-old self knew what she was talking about. Mathematics can explain a great part of our reality and as I continue my studies, I continue to develop my perception of that reality. Through corrections and additions to the subject of mathematics, we are constantly heading towards new truths. How thrilling is it to know that a maths degree can give the opportunity to mould and discover more about reality? That knowledge is what fuels my curiosity and it’s undeniably my foremost reason for choosing to study mathematics at King’s.

The numerous mathematical areas that are yet to be uncovered, the many career paths available and my passion for maths all assure me that I will never grow tired of my subject.


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  1. I use maths in many subjects in my uni, even though I study business.
    People who say that maths is not interesting or practical in everyday life are weird!
    Good luck, Clara!

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