Why I chose to study Mathematics with Statistics

By Anchalee, BSc Mathematics with Statistics

I am currently a final year undergraduate studying Mathematics with Statistics BSc (Hons) here at King’s College London. In this post I’ll be sharing the reasons behind why I chose my course.

To me, Mathematics is a powerful universal tool which shapes the world we live in, and so I felt it would be a truly stimulating experience to study this subject at a degree level. I really enjoyed learning advanced mathematical techniques at school, and relish the satisfaction of being able to solve a challenging question – this gives me a great sense of accomplishment! I would often questions the things that I was told in the classroom and my curiosity drove me to explore the complexities behind the seemingly simple problems of Mathematics.

I wanted to learn new methods to enhance my problem-solving skills, and further explore different approaches to various questions in greater depth. After a bit of research, I felt that pursuing further study in mathematics and statistics would provide a firm foundation for many academic disciplines and a range of professional opportunities. I believe that careers related to these fields would also help me to develop some essential skills, and also provide the opportunity to help solve-real world problems – I’m particularly intrigued to learn more about how the subject plays a critical role in modern civilisation.

Studying Mathematics with Statistics at university has developed my ability to apply a range of Mathematical skills to different situations, including acute logical thinking, problem-solving skills, the ability to process, interpret and analyse information. I highly recommend this course to those who love numbers, have great numerical skills and are up for a challenge!


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