20 questions with a Physics student

By Favour, BSc Physics

We asked Physics student, Favour, 20 questions about her course and life at King’s. Here we go…

1 – What year are you in?

I am in second year of Physics MSci.

2 – Why did you choose your course?

I chose to study Physics as it explains how everything works. The fundamental concepts are universal and can be applied to any system and still make sense – this gives you skills applicable to many fields. It is also a subject that is constantly evolving as new research is being done.

3 – How is Physics at university different from school?

I find Physics more practical and more interesting in university, it puts a lot more into context and I can see how all the different parts link together. I also find it a lot more maths based, which I particularly enjoy. Maths is the language of physics!

4 – What’s a typical day like?

A typical day for me varies – I could have a full day of lectures or a full lab day.

A full day of lectures would usually start at 9am and would consist of 3-4 lectures a day maximum. Lectures are typically 2 hours long with a 10-minute break in between. They are usually divided into lectures and problem classes. The lectures are very engaging and you can really tell that the lecturers are passionate about their subjects.

A typical lab day also starts at 9am, I’d arrive at the lab with my lab partner and go to my experiment setup, having already prepped for my experiment. I start collecting data, and this surprisingly takes a long time as repeats have to be done. A full lab day ends around 4pm, with a break for lunch.

5 – What projects have you been working on in the labs?

For labs this year, I got to work on a variety of different experiments, from magnetic circuits and LCR circuits to X-ray Diffraction and Michelson Interferometer. The labs are a lot of fun as you get to interact with very interesting equipment. My favourite experiments are ones that take place in the dark room, as we got to see some really cool effects.

6 – How are you supported as a student? (E.g. Student services, tutorials)

There is so much support available at King’s. The first point of contact being your personal tutor, which is an academic in the Department of Physics, who you can go to for academic and personal issues you may have. The people around the department are also very helpful, from the academics to the staff, I could ask anyone for help and they would be very willing to help. Student Services and the Student Union is also very supportive.

7 – What are your lecturers like?

The lecturers in the Department of Physics are incredibly passionate and friendly people. They really care about their subject and it makes learning from them enjoyable as you can feed off their passion. They are also very willing to have a chat with you about their subjects or any other thing you may be interested in, such as research opportunities and career prospects.

8 – Was it easy to make friends when you first arrived?

There was lots of welcome events at King’s, which I made sure I went to as it was an environment to meet people before lectures started. Societies are also a great way to meet people and make friends, especially people outside your course. Joining the offer holder Instagram group also makes it easier to make friends, as you can plan to attend welcome events together and even have friends before starting uni.

9 – Are you part of any societies?

I am on the committee of Womxn in Physics society, and for Space Society. I am also a member of Art society and Hot Chocolate society!

10. What’s the best thing about your course?

I’d say the best thing about my course is the people, they make learning fun! The Department is super nice and friendly.

11- What’s the best thing about King’s?

The best thing about King’s is again the people and  the fact that we are at the heart of London!

12 – Where do you go to study on campus?

There are many study spaces on campus. The NMS study hub is very good for group work. For independent study I like to go to the study space in the Student Union. It is a great space, very comfortable and I find it easy to focus there.

13 – Where do you go to relax and chill on campus?

In between lectures, I like to take a break and relax at the Student Union in Bush House. They have a lovely space called The Meadow, filled with bean bags and deck chairs; it is a great space to chill, catch up with friends or even take a nap!

14 – Favourite place to eat on campus?

There are many places to buy food on campus, and as King’s is in the middle of the city, there are many places around campus to buy food as well. I typically end up getting a meal deal from Tesco if I haven’t brought lunch from home and I eat usually eat in The Meadow at Bush House. If I want to treat myself, I get the curly fries at The Vault (the student bar)!

15 – What do you want to do after your graduate?

After I graduate, I’m not entirely sure what I would like to do, but right now I am leading toward going into the NHS Clinical Scientist training programme.

16 – How have you changed since studying at King’s?

My love for Physics has grown since starting at King’s, I also feel a lot more independent and surer of myself as a person. I have definitely learned a lot!

17 – What’s it like living in London?

I have lived in London for most of my life, and I absolutely love it! I don’t see myself getting sick of it anytime soon! Crossing Waterloo bridge is the highlight of my day, as I get to see the beautiful city. There is always something to so, and King’s is at the centre of it all, there is so much culture right on the doorstep. There is never a dull moment.

18 – Do you find it expensive living in London and how do you save money?

Living in London is expensive, but there are ways of saving money. I try to bring my own lunch to uni every day, and take advantage of student discount anytime I can. I also have a travel card on my Student Oyster card, which is discounted. There are also many cheap cinemas and schemes available for students such as the BFI’s 25 and under (£3 cinema tickets!).

19 – Do you have a most memorable moment at King’s?

Everyday at King’s is different! There are too many memories to choose from. One that pops to mind is an example of how great the people at King’s are. A few students run an outreach programme with homeless people and I volunteered with them once. The experience was humbling and showed how much people at King’s are willing to help their local communities.

20 – Describe King’s in 3 words!

International, Friendly and Community

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