How studying chemistry has enhanced my employability


It was summer 2016 and I was still lost on what career path I should take. I knew that I was passionate about science, but I was also still unsure about whether I wanted to pursue finance or work in a science-related field. After a bit of research, I then came to realise that a degree in chemistry could help me develop many transferable skills that could used in many jobs, and strengthen my overall employability when I graduate. So, the decision became easier to make as I had a further 3 years to decide what career path I like best. 

Another reason why I chose chemistry is because it’s a unique area that is made of many components of science which you wouldn’t get in other degrees. We study versatile modules that include physical chemistry, mathematics for chemistry and chemistry in cells. So, there is a module for everyone’s interest, which can later spark inspiration towards which industry you want to work in. 

One of many accidents in the lab!

Apart from transferable skills, the course is engaging as it is taught in several ways which include lectures, workshops and labs. In fact, labs were what excited me the most when I first visited King’s during an open day! Something that I particularly enjoy is having the opportunity to synthesise advanced reactions with state-of-the-art equipment – this is a massive step up from sixth form, and I could go on and on about my many failed attempts at experiments from smashed flasks to nothing being produced! But you learn from your mistakes, and I was very fortunate enough to share my despair with my lab partner. But time really does fly by in labs 🙂

It’s crazy that I’m now in my final year, time has really flown! I have learnt many skills from this course, and I am confident that I can apply this knowledge to whichever career path I choose.

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