How my time at King’s is supporting my career ambitions – Maths

By Vansikha, MSc Financial Mathematics

Even as a child, the mystique of mathematical equations beckoned me to contemplate for hours or even days. The relief and bafflement of my personal ‘Eureka’ moments once the solution came to me was unparalleled. It was in these moments that I found the solution to one of life’s more important questions; I had found my calling – Mathematics. 

Delving deeper into the subject made me realise that I was particularly interested in the combination of it with Finance, particularly, the Risk Management aspect. And so began my journey at King’s! Here are some ways in which King’s has helped further refine my professional aspirations as I pursue this fascinating field:  

1. King’s has a great Financial Mathematics programme

With current modules such as Risk Neutral Valuation, Complete and Incomplete Markets, Stochastic Analysis, Exotic Derivatives, my course has equipped me with the skills to gain better insight into the financial world. It is one of the very few colleges that give you free excess to “Bloomberg”, where you can get first-hand experience in trading. 


2. We have a fantastic Careers team!

They organise regular career fairs, which provide great networking opportunities to learn more about the future industries and companies you want to work in. King’s CareerConnect is also a great platform where you can practice interviews, view jobs and opportunities, upcoming events, and apply for internships and jobs. There are also courses which have helped me immensely in building an impressive CV, sharing useful tips for my LinkedIn account and preparing me for my interviews. 


3. There are many opportunities to improve your skills

King’s also offers an umpteen number of free courses where you can hone skills such as leadership by enrolling in Principal’s Global Leadership Award, the Enterprise Award or King’s Careers 360. I particularly enjoy the coding workshops (e.g. Mathematica), where you can learn the basics of various computer languages. 



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