5 reasons why I love studying Computer Science

There are so many reasons why I love studying Computer Science and the list is constantly growing! As a second-year computer science student, I would say the most important ones are:


By Nicole, BSc Computer Science

1. A field that is constantly developing

The world is constantly developing around you, from building augmented realities, to creating robots that ease your daily life. I find that a Computer Science degree helps you to be a part of the technological changes in the world and teaches you how to learn and apply your knowledge to unseen situations. Not only that, but it helps to improve living conditions and automate processes in every field  – from education and medicine, to marketing and finance. What I particularly like is that the ongoing development of the field means that you are always learning and developing.


2. Supportive community

One of the things that I am most happy about whilst studying Computer Science at King’s is the supportive community. Everyone is so passionate about their subject and there are so many opportunities open. For example, if you are keen on participating in research alongside leading academics, you can sign up to King’s Undergraduate Research Fellowships (KURF)!


3. Flexibility in career

Computer Science is important part of every industry, which means that your career prospects are really flexible. King’s has a brilliant careers service too, where you can get CV advice, attend job interview workshops and find internship opportunities.


4. Self- improvement

I would have never imagined how my Computer Science degree would transform my perspective about life and career. I feel that I have gained confidence and discovered what motivates me by learning from academics and meeting fellow students from all around the world.


5. Curiosity about technology

And finally, the most important thing I love about computer science is that there is still so much you can learn and discover. There are so many fields you can go to – from developing apps that solve a daily problem, to scientific research, development, transport, banking and communications. It is a dynamic field where everyone can find their place but also have fun while doing so.


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