A day in the life of a second-year Computer Science student

By Nicole, BSc Computer Science

You might envision a day of the life of a computer science student to be close to the one of Dracula (or at least a 21st century Dracula) – waking up late, avoiding the sun and staring at code throughout most of the day. I would say that life at King’s as a computer science student is entirely what you make out of it. This is how a second-year computer science student may go about their day:


Rise and shine:

I wake up around 7:30 to start and prepare for my day.  I take a shower and prepare my bag for university, careful not to forget any chargers. This is followed by listening to some music whilst waiting for my bus to campus.




King’s Building

Lectures and tutorials:

I go to a mix of lectures and tutorials. Lectures are used to communicate concepts and ideas; and then the tutorials are where I am able to ask my professors all my questions about the content. I find the tutorials very insightful and always look forward to them.



Bush House
Bush House


After finishing the lectures and tutorials for the day, I either study with friends or am found to be in a team meeting for the current project that I have for one of the modules. University teaches you how to manage your time and organise your self-study periods. I would normally have one to three lectures a day which means I am free to organise my day afterwards. I usually form a study group with my friends and we make use of the computer labs with monitors to work on whilst seeing the great views of central London from Bush House.



Relax time:

I usually get back home between 6- 7pm. My chill time consists of doing society work, cooking, watching films with my flatmates and training at the King’s Fencing society. I enjoy taking the nights off studying but sometimes, you may find me quietly working on a current project as you can never stop thinking of how to find a solution to a problem or sort out a bug!


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