My Clearing experience


By Jonathan Gan, MEng Electronic Engineering, Department of Informatics

A-Level results day is very likely to be the most daunting day for a lot of you looking to take the next step into higher education. Meeting your own personal expectations, as well as meeting those of your family and friends, make it a very restless and anxious period.

There are many success stories, but there will also be those who are unsuccessful. If you, unfortunately, happen to fall under the latter category, as I did, it is essential to stay calm. Obtain all the necessary information you need, to make a decision you can be satisfied with.

I was informed I was unsuccessful in being accepted into both my first and insurance choice university on the commute to my school. It was an extremely stressful time, being uncertain of how to proceed.

I phoned up both my university choices’ admission teams to see if they would still take me in, but both said they were unable to. I then phoned up the head of department for the respective universities, desperately trying to find a way to be admitted, they again, said the same.

Feeling deflated, I was becoming increasingly anxious as we arrived at my school.

As soon as the clearing lines open, it’s crucial that you know who you are going to phone and what you’re specifically asking for. Have multiple phones ringing different universities. You’ll more than likely be on hold for a considerable amount of time before you can speak to an operator.

Even if it states higher grade requirements for the subject, it is always worth asking. If they still need to fill spaces on the course they will generally lower the requirements by a grade or two. This obviously varies from university to university and cannot be guaranteed for any specific university or King’s.

I was surprised to find out King’s offered clearing courses, as I knew it was a phenomenal university. I was ecstatic to see they were offering the course which I was looking for: Electronic Engineering.

It’s amazing how simple they make the clearing process. It makes me wonder how much your personal statement matters in your application. I was asked what my grades were, and whether or not I would like to be placed in the MEng or BEng course. After selecting the MEng I was sent an email to confirm my details, and I was then successfully enrolled in the Electronic Engineering MEng programme at King’s College London.

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