Why I love Computer Science

By Dominic Swaine, BSc Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)

I consider Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence to be a most fulfilling subject, as it combines scientific rigour with creative flair. This unique mix equips you with the potential to take an idea across a multitude of disciplines, and turn it into a practical, working reality.

From assisting in the development of new pharmaceutical drugs to the discovery of techniques to help people reduce their carbon footprint, Computer Science touches an increasing proportion of our lives and has great potential to aid the wider community in finding solutions to many of the most important problems facing society today.

Studying Computer Science at King’s has enabled me to investigate the boundless reach and pace of innovation for which this sector is known. This has allowed me to pinpoint and specialise my degree towards the sector within which I aspire to work. The ability to question, learn from and collaborate with academics and leading industry figures (world-class within their respective fields!) is something which I have really valued throughout the study of my degree, and something that I believe is only possible whilst studying within an institution such as King’s.

At King’s, we are also provided with the opportunity to produce solutions for real-world clients. This could take form through software development projects as part of the programme, or by undertaking an industrial placement. These experiences provide invaluable insight into the collaborative and dynamic nature of software engineering in practice, and the wide-ranging spectrum of potential career options available. This has proved to be a standout feature when compared to other Computer Science graduates’ experiences, especially when applying for positions post-university!

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