Why I chose to study Biomedical Engineering

By Joey, BEng Biomedical Engineering

While Biomedical Engineering (BME) is a challenging areas of study, I’m really glad I chose this degree! 

I chose to pursue BME because I had always liked both medicine and engineering, and couldn’t choose between the two when it came to what I wanted to study at university. That’s why when I learned about biomedical engineering, it seemed like the perfect degree for me! Biomedical engineering is about the technical applications of engineering principles in medicine. As we know, medicine is an ever-evolving field. Looking forward, it’s notable that technology is playing an increasingly important role in medicine, which makes biomedical engineering a very practical and in-demand degree to be equipped with.

BME is especially great at King’s, because it is research-intensive. The professors in the department are all experts in a range of research areas that will surely cover whatever it is you may be interested in. King’s has a rich history of notable researchers, one example being Rosalind Franklin who helped discover the structure of DNA whilst at King’s! It’s exciting to know that you are walking in the footsteps of great legacies. 

In addition, King’s BME students also have access to fantastic state-of-the-art resources at facilities such as St. Thomas’ hospital (which has its own MRI and PET facility), that can be used in the later years of the degree. With this degree, you really get to learn first hand and be involved with all kinds of projects. 

Another reason why BME is so great is that the degree is quite multidisciplinary, and gives a good foundation in maths, physics, programming, and biology, which gives you plenty of career opportunities! Biomedical engineering graduates from King’s have gone to work in top companies and organisations in finance, banking, IT, or stayed in the biomedical engineering field as a clinical engineer at a hospital. Some even pursue further education like a medical degree or go into research and academia. So as you can see, the options with a biomedical degree are really endless! 

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