What do Chemistry students do?


By Olga Tereszkowska-Kaminska, MSci Chemistry, Department of Chemistry

Deciding what to study at uni is always difficult. Knowing where to start in your research and who to ask about all those queries you may have is also a vital part of the process. Hopefully this blog will give you an insight into what chemistry is like at King’s and help you either decide whether it’s for you or solidify the decision you have made about studying at King’s.

One of the core parts of the course are, of course, lectures. Though these may sometimes be challenging, I believe that this is extremely important when it comes to studying a subject. It keeps you on your toes and makes the subject even more interesting and satisfying once you understand a difficult concept. However, don’t worry if this seems daunting. You can always get support from lecturers or peers, whether it be via email or regular drop in sessions in the chemistry common room. Furthermore, there is also the possibility of having a ‘parent’ in one of the older years to help you through the year, and this support can be related to either the course or something more personal.

Another integral part of chemistry are the labs. In first year, there are roughly seven hours of lab per week which may seem like a lot, but you are eased into it by doing two half days in the first semester. This then increases to one full day in the second semester. King’s is unique in the sense that these lab sessions are organised in a way that all parts of chemistry (organic, inorganic etc.) are integrated into them which reflects what an actual researcher may do in their lab. In this way, I believe that King’s prepares its students much better than other universities for a career in chemistry.

Of course, the lectures and labs are not the only things that make up studying chemistry at King’s. There is also the opportunity to get involved with the Chemistry Society, which organises many exciting socials throughout the year. Not only is this a fantastic way to further get to know people on your course and in the other years, but it also allows you to experience chemistry in a way outside of an education scenario.

Overall, if you make sure to make the most of all the opportunities that the Department of Chemistry offers you, studying chemistry at King’s will never result in a dull day.

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