KEATS 3.11 UI Refresh

Feedback from students from various channels across King’s have reported that there is a lack of consistency in the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) across KCL’s digital platforms, particularly the website and across templates and module pages within KEATS. While we have made some progress in this space via the development and adoption of the KEATS Education Template’s (KET), the TEL community continue to make improvements based on user feedback.

The aim of this work was to update the elements of the User Interface of KEATS 3.11 (particularly the Dashboard & KET) to improve user experience and to align more closely with the KCL brand.

KEATS Refresh 1

KEATS Dashboard on KEATS 3.9

Experimenting with Dashboard designs on UAT 3.11

Earlier designs that we experimented with was inspired by the KEATS Education Template. However, this looked too ‘busy’.

KEATS Refresh 2

Proposed design on the dashboard

The proposed design blends elements from both. Designs are clean and easy to follow and draw users’ attention to Block headings vs the current while remaining less busy than the previous design. Changes have been applied to the Blocks, fonts and Block alignment.

KEATS Refresh 3

Proposed design for KET users

KEATS Refresh 4

Meryem and I worked with faculties to remediate any effect on local templates. Staff members of the Learning Design and Innovation group were asked to conduct testing, report bugs, and decide on whether they should sign off on the proposed design. To date, no critical bugs have been reported and we have received faculty sign-off to deploy the new theme on our live production of KEATS on the upgrade to Moodle/KEATS 3.11.

Originally, a lot of our theme work was intended for Moodle 4, however, due to the setbacks of the Moodle 4 release date, our focus, work, and deadlines had to be shifted. Moving forward towards an upgrade to Moodle 4 in the future (likely in 2023), we aim to continue to be steered by the needs of our users and improve on the UX/UI of KEATS.

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