Digital education honeycomb feel and look

Welcome to the Digital Education Blog

The purpose of this blog is to provide a centrally supported space to capture and share digital education practice from across King’s College London. It’s a community contribution blog for individual and teams working in this area and provides an opportunity to promote initiatives to a broader audience, both internally at King’s and externally across the sector. 

At its core is the goal to acknowledge both good and bad experiences in our use of Digital Education. The comments are open, so we encourage discussion with the intention to provide a balanced view

We welcome contributions from across King’s to build this blog site into a valuable resource that we can use to provide contextual knowledge to support our future plans. The Education strategy states that digital is one of the foundation parts for delivering the curriculum 2029, supporting assessment and feedback development, improving our learning environments and providing information for academic support.  Therefore, we hope the information and stories contained here will prompt further questions and provide evidence to support best practice across King’s and the sector.

James Toner,

Head of Digital Education & the Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning

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