My top tips for first year Chemistry students

By Olga, Chemistry with Biomedicine MSci

Starting university is an exciting – and sometimes scary – prospect. You become more independent and start to really think about what you want to do in life. However, it is also supposed to be fun! Your first year is important, but try and not overthink too much and just make the most of it. Here are a few tips which should help you to do this: 


1. Remember that everyone is in the same boat

When we enter a new unfamiliar environment, we are normally worried about making friends. But everyone is feeling this way. Nobody knows anyone else, so normally people are very eager to talk to you. It will be awkward but also extremely interesting! There are so many people from all around the world, and you will learn so much in your first few weeks. 


2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

If there is something you don’t understand about the course or university, don’t be afraid to ask. Also, get to know your personal tutor and ask them everything you want to know. If a certain module is proving difficult, ask to meet up with your lecturer or talk to your classmates, they might understand something you don’t and vice versa. Help each other out!


3. Get involved in events and societies

The Chemistry Department organises a lot of events over the academic year. I recommend joining the Chemistry Society , who also hosts events where you can go out, have fun, and meet different people. Making friends with people from different years will give you insight into the whole course. 


A Christmas Chemist-tree 🙂

Overall, don’t worry too much about your first year. It may seem overwhelming looking at everything now, but as long as you take it step by step, you’ll be fine. Everyone at the university wants you to do well, so just keep that in mind. 🙂  




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