The Franklin-Wilkins Building common room: where Chemistry students work, study and relax!

As a Chemistry student, I spend most of my time at the Franklin Wilkins Building in Waterloo.
By Sumaya, BSc Chemistry

The Franklin-Wilkins Building (FWB) is
home to King’s chemistry students. Located at Waterloo Campus, it includes recently refurbished labs, a canteen, and a library with many computers and study rooms available. As a chemistry student, FWB is also important in providing many places for me to study and relax between classes.  


The common room can be found on the ground floor near the entrance of FWB. As implied by its name, it is a study room dedicated just for chemistry students. This means that you don’t need to spend as much time booking study rooms in advance at the library! The common room is an area that you can hang out with your friends in, and is also a great place to mix with chemists from all years.


Asides from the common room, there are also computer spaces that can be found across FWB  which are also open for us to use. My friends and I also like using vacant lecture and workshop rooms to practice for upcoming presentations – you can really get a sense of doing the real presentation on the screens available! 



I hope this quick guide has been helpful as you prepare for your studies in chemistry at King’s!


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