My Global Internship experience in Hong Kong

By Isabella, BEng Biomedical Engineering

I can’t begin to describe how AMAZING my global internship experience was. Living and working abroad allowed me to enhance many skills including adaptability, communication and time management. To start with, I want to give a massive thanks to the KCL Internships and Careers + teams and The Intern Group not only for the opportunity and bursary, but also for their support throughout the whole journey.

My internship was at the start-up company Lify Wellness Ltd, who were launching a range of herbal teas and a brewer with a smart phone app. My job consisted of conducting a mix of healthcare literature reviews, data analysis and market research. I loved being able to apply my knowledge of the healthcare technology sector and combine it with my entrepreneurial mindset.


Whilst on my placement, I realised that it does not hurt to ask for more demanding work – employers are so willing to help you expand your skills! If you show your interest and commitment, they would love to give you the chance to enhance your time with them. My supervisors were so encouraging and as they could see how enthusiastic the other interns and I were, they gave us the opportunity to be their ambassadors at a tech and innovation conference. I was given the task to advertise the products to customers, investors and the media. This experience gave me the opportunity to adapt my communication skills for people of all cultural and professional backgrounds, especially as I encountered a mix of different people who had varying levels of fluency in English. I also gained some marketing knowledge which is super useful!

A big misconception I had prior to the internship was that I must work within the field of my degree. Although I love my course, I am now aware that the skills I have developed whilst at university, as well as my unique qualities, are valuable in many industries. I am now more open to discovering a wider range of career paths, both within and outside of the Biomedical Engineering sector.

Other than work, the best part of my whole experience was exploring Hong Kong! Here’s a little summary of the super cool things the other interns and I did after work and on the weekends:
  • We went on hikes up mountains (very long and tiring but SO worth it for the views!!)
  • We visited temples as well as other cultural and historical landmarks.
  • We traveled to islands nearby Hong Kong including Macau. We also took a weekend trip to Bangkok, which had a completely different culture to Hong Kong and was also an amazing experience!!
  • I took part in really fun cultural activities such as Tai-Chi and tea meditation workshops. We also watched horse-racing at Hong Kong’s famous racecourses.
  • We ate at almost every traditional Chinese restaurant we saw!

The KCL Global Internship programme was definitely an unforgettable experience. I was so inspired by my supervisors at Lify Wellness that I have now joined the King’s Entrepreneurship Institute, and also taken up the position of ‘Wellness Manager’ in the KCL Engineering Society committee. I encourage everyone who may be thinking of taking an internship abroad to go for it! You will most probably have the time of your life, meet many people (professionally and socially), and develop many transferable skills!


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