My experience of moving from foundation year to first year

By Joey, BEng Biomedical Engineering

Transitioning to my first year in university after completing the King’s International Foundation Programme was a lot easier than I expected!


Since I had decided to stay at King’s for my undergraduate degree, I felt more comfortable going around London since I already knew my way around the city. Going to university is usually a big change for a lot of people and can often be daunting and stressful, but I felt more confident and at ease since I had an idea of what to expect. 



From an academic perspective, I felt prepared and ready for when my classes started. Being equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to begin my degree was an advantage, as the things I learnt during my foundation year really made it easier to understand the new topics I was learning in class!



Social aspects of starting my undergraduate studies were also great, since many of the friends I had made in the foundation programme also stayed at King’s! It was reassuring to know that I had people I could count on, and I also enjoyed meeting and getting to know new people!



I was also more familiar with student life at King’s. For example, I had experience with with using KEATS (the online learning platform), I knew about the different societies and activities held by the student union, and I knew all the different spots to hang out and study in each campus. Most importantly, I was able to avoid getting lost which inevitably happens to every fresher!



Overall I am very grateful for my experiences during the foundation programme, and for my decision to pursue my undergraduate degree at King’s! While starting first year still had its challenges and difficulties, I felt more confident and ready for it than I would have otherwise.


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