Adjusting to life in London as an international student

By Silvia, BSc Biomedical Engineering


The transition from school to university can be a big adjustment, especially when you live in a city like London. Though being an international student in London is a fantastic experience, it can also be a little overwhelming. But don’t worry, you are not alone!



Although you are completely on your own in a place that can be totally new, it’s really fun to be based in the heart of the city. King’s campuses are very central in London, so make sure that you figure out the best and fastest way to get to your classes from your accommodation! Once you get used to the area around your main campus, you’ll get to explore new bars and find out where to get food or hang out with your friends, in addition to some nice places to spend time between classes.



London can offer so many opportunities that are easily accessible to students, so make sure to look into them and check for any student discounts! You wouldn’t believe how many different places give out discounts to university students 🙂




Living in the city is great for sure, but it can also be overwhelming sometimes and it’s easy to feel lonely. My advice would be to join as many societies as you can and get out of your comfort zone. Meet people of different backgrounds, enrich your personal culture by sharing opinions with others and don’t be scared to try new things.



And there you have it 🙂 In short, be sure to make the most of your time at university in one of the best cities in the world! 


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