My experience of a King’s Student Society: Tech Society

By Ayu, BSc Computer Science


King’s offers societies for everyone of all sorts of hobbies and interests. I decided to join King’s Tech Society during my first year as a Computer Science student, to meet others who were likewise interested in tech and learn new things that may not be offered as a part of my course.


King’s Tech offers a wide range of opportunities and workshops that are open to anyone interested in the field, regardless of your academic background! Of the various events that I have participated in, from Machine Learning presentations to Hackathons, my favourite series are the weekly coding workshops. I particularly enjoyed the Python workshops which were hosted during my first year – this is a language that wasn’t used in any of my modules, and the workshops covered not only the core concepts but also fun and interesting things that you can do with Python!

The society also offers workshops on coding essential for industry, which focus on practicing questions that frequently come up in technical interviews, and reviewing basic knowledge commonly required for tech positions. It helps if you have the time to go to these workshops regularly, because you can really build on these skills on a weekly basis. These workshops were hosted by other informatics students in the years above or graduates, and so the learning environment is really friendly and casual. They also provide a great chance to meet people from across different courses!

These are just few of my personal highlights from King’s Tech – there’s so much more to learn from them, and they are definitely worth checking out!

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