My top tips for international students studying Computer Science

By Ayu, BSc Computer Science

Being a Computer Science student in a foreign city can become overwhelming for some of us. Adapting to London and taking on the Computer Science workload comes with its challenges, and may be difficult to balance. But there are some things that you can do to ease the pressure during your studies.


One thing that’s always been important for me is finding the perfect study space. Familiarise yourself with the different spaces at King’s by going to other campuses, trying different libraries, and exploring their facilities. If you really need to focus on something, I recommend trying out the different computer labs in Bush House or any of the King’s libraries including Maughan, New Hunts, and Waterloo.


There are also great cafe options around campus and KCLSU spaces like the Meadow for more relaxed study sessions, so find what works the best for you!




Aside from studying, it’s always a good idea to put some effort into building your network in London as an international student. Keep an eye out for King’s Careers events, as they are constantly inviting potential recruiters and also host lots of useful workshops with career tips.



Hackathons are also one of the biggest opportunities for Computer Science students to meet people in the industry, because you have the chance to talk to the sponsors and learn about what working in their company might be like!




Most of all, if you are struggling at any point during your time here, always ask for help when you need it and put your wellbeing first!


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