How King’s is helping me figure out my career ambitions

By Silvia, BSc Biomedical Engineering

I am currently a second year biomedical engineering student, and can already feel the pressure of getting a good internship for the summer and thinking about jobs after graduation. The whole process is very stressful and it’s so easy to get lost in all the different opportunities!

What I think was very helpful for me was talking about my interests and potential ambitions with both my professors and my personal tutor. They have great knowledge of the different options that are available for me once I finish university, and of the approaches I can take to make a decision.

The King’s career and employability centre are also very useful, as they hosts several events that help students discover a wide range of opportunities available to them. Based on what stage of the discovering careers process you find yourself in at the moment, there is something going on for you. I remember even in my first year, which could have been a little early, I went to several events in which representatives of different companies came in to talk about their jobs to the students. This helped me gain a better idea of my interests, and also opened my eyes to things I hadn’t considered before.

As you can see, King’s offers plenty of support to help you figure our your career ambitions – don’t be afraid to reach out!

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