Introducing the 2023-2024 Editors

Co-Editors Alexander Giesen and Felix Antelme introduce themselves and invite submissions.

After a short hiatus, the King’s English Blog is officially back! This year, Alexander Giesen and Felix Antelme will edit the blog and handle the departments’ social media.  

Both: We are excited to work with the department to keep you updated on all things King’s English. We would like to recognise the work previous editors have done in curating this space. Thank you to Samantha Seto and Alexander Giesen (2022-2023), George Kowalik and Graham Fifoot (2021-2022), Katie Arthur and Harriet Thompson (2019-2021), Fran Allfrey and Diya Gupta (2017-2019), and Founding Editors Penny Newell and Ella Parry-Davies (2016-2017).

We invite anyone interested, from first-years to tenured professors, to submit blog posts of up to 2000 words. Blogs can range from short reviews or reflective pieces, to longer form  conversations and interviews, and pieces on research at any level. 

If you are interested in contributing or have any other questions, please get in touch with us via the blog email address:

The Editors:

Alex: I’m a third-year PhD candidate in the English Department at King’s. My background is in Performance Studies (BA) and the History and Philosophy of Science (MSc). My research interests include:

  • Philosophy of sex, gender, sexuality, and classification
  • History and philosophy of biology and medicine
  • Twentieth-century history and philosophy of science
  • Twentieth-century dramaturgy, dance, theatre, and performance
  • Epistemological and metaphysical anarchism
  • Concepts, ideas, and histories of Butler, Brecht, Dupré, Diderot, Feyerabend, Foucault, Goodman, Hacking, Hegel, Kant, Malabou

My PhD (supervised by Kélina Gotman (KCL) and Chiara Ambrosio (UCL)) investigates the relationship between medical classification and twentieth-century subcultural dance and performance, specifically Michael Clark and Leigh Bowery. I am also a freelance editor and translator. Previously, I have edited three of Humphry Davy’s (1778-1829) notebooks (2021), supported by the Science and Technology Studies Department at UCL, and the King’s English Blog (2023-24). I also teach continental philosophy and critical theory at KCL. 

I am especially excited to receive submissions fostering the culture and community of the department.

Felix: I am a fourth-year PhD student. My research focuses on left-handedness and what its history and eventual emancipation can teach us about stigma, normativity, and medical and popular understandings of the body and identity. I am supervised by Kélina Gotman and Patrick ffrench. Alongside my research, I have taught across various modules and departments at KCL, including the English department’s critical theory and american literature modules. My academic background is in english literature (BA) and critical theory (MA).  

Editorial Team,
Dept of English Blog,
King’s College London

Blog posts on King’s English represent the views of the individual authors and neither those of the English Department, nor of King’s College London.

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