Credit Harmonisation Timeline Appendix

Credit Harmonisation Timeline

February 2021

  • Data on module changes collected.
  • APSC Chair to review and approve changes.
  • New codes approved and allocated in the following pattern – fifth character changed to N for new. e.g. 7SSPP123 becomes 7SSPN123, 7SSWM005 becomes 7SSWN005, 7SSG5026 becomes 7SSGN026.
  • New cloned versions of modules created.
  • New codes passed to Registry Services by SSPP Quality Assurance Team for creation of provisional module diet templates.

March 2021

  • Annual updating exercise for 2021/22 Word version PAFs.
  • All colleagues reminded to amend their module codes and update credit values accordingly.

April 2021 onwards

  • Timetabling – Departments indicate which classes for which modules need to be jointly taught via the Web Data Collection process in April.
  • Timetabling will then schedule the two separate classes as one during the timetabling process from May onwards.
  • Classes will be named appropriately on timetables by default indicating that they are jointly taught – i.e. “7SSWM005/7SSWN005 sem1 Lecture.

TEL involvement:

March 2021:

  • Discussed plans for best options for Keats module shells. Decided that the original old versions would remain blank, and all content would be rolled over to the new N-code module. Students enrolled on the old modules would be meta linked to the new N-code modules.
  • Contacted the Library Liaison to discuss how to approach next year’s My Reading Lists and credit harmonisation. Confirmed that it would be best to continue to use existing MRLs, and TEL staff would manually update the links on Keats through the MRL LTI.

May 2021:

Reading Lists were rolled over from last year

June 2021

  • Received spreadsheets from IT for Rollover, which contained both sets of modules.
  • Spreadsheets were updated so that all original modules were left as blank course, while the new N-code modules were rolled over form last year. URL from last year was copied across to ‘Other Course’ column. ‘Will link to N code module’ was put in the comments section to advise IT why there were so many blank courses this year.

July 2021:

  • Spreadsheets returned to IT.
  • Meet the library liaison to discuss MRLs and credit harmonisation.

Deadline for MRL submissions given to academics as the end of July.

August 2021:

  • Meetings with the library liaison to iron out the final details of linking MRLs to new module codes and confirm the date that MRLs go live.
  • Advised PS staff how to meta-link old modules into new N-code modules and create groups. Shared step-by-step instructions on this.

September 2021:

  • Queried how to use gradebook to manage different grading systems between 20 vs 30 credit modules. Did not need to take this further.
  • Lecture Capture issues – recordings being split between both modules e.g. some recordings appearing on original modules, some on the N-code modules. Needed to speak to IT about merging these.

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