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Evaluation and Reflection

Education Elevenses – colleagues who teach face the pivot online together

Education Elevenses are faculty-wide, peer-led, centrally supported regular meetings in which colleagues share practice and ideas about the pivot to online teaching. Continue reading “Education Elevenses – colleagues who teach face the pivot online together”

Careers KEATS 7

Careers & Employability: Creating a KEATS hub


Clutter is never fun, be it when it’s the reason you can’t find an email or a long-lost t-shirt, sometimes you need to have a good sort through and re-organisation! Over the years, we had been gathering and developing a lot of careers information and as we accumulated more and more resources across over 10 individual KEATS careers courses, it was time for a de-clutter and sort! Continue reading “Careers & Employability: Creating a KEATS hub”

Maths students

The Do’s and Don’ts of PeerMark

Feedback is a vital component of the assessment process. Providing meaningful feedback to students is central to developing both learner competence and confidence and is, in the words of Hattie & Timperley (2007), “the most powerful single moderator that enhances achievement”. However, figures from the National Student Survey (2019) show that many students across UK universities are largely unsatisfied with the feedback they receive on their work. Teaching staff are therefore often tasked with finding new and innovative methods of increasing both the quality and quantity of student feedback as a way to enhance the learning experience.  Continue reading “The Do’s and Don’ts of PeerMark”