5 reasons why I love Physics & Philosophy at King’s

By Julia, BSc Physics & Philosophy

As a third Year Physics & Philosophy student at King’s College London, I would like to share with you five reasons why I love my degree.


1. Having the best of both worlds

During my last years of High School, I was enjoying very much both my science modules, such as Biology, Physics and Maths, as well as my humanities modules, such as History, Art and Philosophy. When faced with the decision of choosing a degree, I really did not want to leave behind neither humanities nor sciences. The joint degree of Physics and Philosophy enables me to learn the most fundamental of both science and humanities. This degree really gives you the opportunity to explore the deepest questions about the nature of the universe and our existence to the full, not only from what mathematics has taught us but also through what we get to know through rational thought.


2. Never getting tired of what you do

What I particularly like about my degree is the variety of assignments and tasks that I get to do. Writing a Political Philosophy essay, solving a problem sheet for Quantum Mechanics, using Python to write a code to solve mathematical problems, attending Philosophy of Mind or Philosophy of Physics seminars to discuss readings… the list goes on. This diversity gives me loads of different stimuli while developing a very wide range of skills which complement each other.


3. Understanding Physics deeper

Throughout the degree, I have seen how Philosophy helps Physics, and vice versa. I really enjoyed learning about the Philosophy of Physics because it gave me a complete picture of what Physics theories actually imply, and helped me understand the metaphysical consequences of them. I felt like reading Philosophy complemented my Physics modules perfectly, as this field helps me better understand the consequences of Physics theories when applied to my Physics modules.


4. The people I am surrounded by

I love the friendly environment around campus, particularly from both the Philosophy Department as well as the Physics one. I learn so much from talking and studying with other students and from academics, who are very approachable and always looking forward to helping me. I personally find it very important to be surrounded by a network of people where you feel welcomed and supported.


5. It does not matter if you are lost

As a Third Year student, I now actually realise the broad future career options that this degree has opened up to me. With the wide range of skills that I have gained, ranging from academic writing to analytical thinking and problem-solving, I feel confident to follow loads of different careers, maybe even within Social Science such as politics or development as well as academia or any other Physics-related path.


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