Why I decided to study Physics at King’s


By William Massey, MSci Physics, Department of Physics

When I was coming towards the end of my time at school I remember struggling through leaflets from loads of different universities. They were all promising the same things: high student satisfaction and good job prospects, varied societies and high academic achievements. So, what was it about King’s that made my mind up?

To start with, I had already decided I wanted to be at a university in a city. I wanted to be within the hubbub and the buzz that only a big city can provide. This made London the obvious choice for me. I had always wanted to be in London after university and have since realised that being at university in London has made finding and applying for internships and jobs so much easier than if I was outside the city.

To help make up my mind I attended an open day at King’s, which allowed me to see what a physics course here really offers. I was immediately impressed by the breadth of work and the enthusiasm from the lecturers when talking about the research they were doing. I distinctly remember looking at some of the data from the LHC during the open day and being impressed by the work that I could be a part of when at King’s. I already knew the reputation of the university, but I was impressed seeing this for myself.

Also important was the breadth of research within the department. I knew when looking for universities that I wanted to do physics, but I had no idea what area of the subject my deep interest would be. The many varied research interests within the department was therefore exciting to me. At the time I didn’t realise the importance this would have during my studies and I have now realised my interest lies within biological physics – but I would have been just as easily accommodated had I preferred theoretical physics or condensed matter. It was impressive how lecturers within all the different areas I was going to be studying were at the top of their respective fields.

Overall, King’s became an easy choice for me for these reasons and I’m pleased to say it was the right choice for me, so much so that I have decided to stay at King’s to continue for a fourth year and I’m excited to come back for another year.

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