Why I decided to study Biomedical Engineering at King’s


By Neha Gazula, BEng Biomedical Engineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Having studied in a British curriculum system for most of my education, it was natural for me to choose the UK for higher studies. From all the cities I’ve travelled to in the world, London has always been my favourite. It’s got a certain charm that no other city around the world can compete with. Therefore, it was no surprise that the universities that I had carefully selected were all based in London – King’s being one among the top.

King’s College London has a brilliant reputation worldwide and it is among the top 10 universities in the UK. Many great people have been associated with King’s (for example, Rosalind Franklin and James Clerk Maxwell) and it has been the place where amazing discoveries (such as the structure of the DNA) were made. This alone could have been enough to convince me to choose King’s. However, there were other fundamental reasons as well that made my decision clearer.

King’s is well-known for having state of the art research facilities, hence for a course such as biomedical engineering, where research plays an essential role, this was advantageous. Additionally, biomedical engineering is still a fairly new profession worldwide and it has only recently been introduced as an undergraduate course in many universities. So it was vital that the content of the modules covered all the key aspects necessary for this field, and was up to date in this fast-growing field. All of these requirements were not only met by King’s, but there were further elements present that made it more interesting.

The university also offers great career support to its students. Looking into the statistics, it is clear that King’s graduates enjoy a high employment rate with great starting salaries. As an international student, this was another important aspect to consider when choosing a university as you want to invest in an institution that would guarantee a secure future.

The final aspect that solidified my decision to choose King’s was the numerous opportunities that the university provides: study abroad programs, industrial placements, learning new languages at the Modern Language Centre, King’s experience awards, undergraduate summer fellowships, etc. The university also has an extensive number of extracurricular activities for students to participate in. Therefore, I would have the chance to gain new skills outside of my field as well. All of this would mean that after completing my degree, I would leave this university as a whole-rounded individual, fully armed to face the working world. What more can you ask for?

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