5 reasons why I love Physics

By Alexandra, BSc Physics

Physics is the science that describes everything that surrounds us. It can sometimes be unexpectedly hard, or beautifully neat and easy. If you think about the importance of Physics laws in our Universe, you will be shocked at how immense physics is. From the furthest stars in our Universe to the smallest particles, quarks, there is always a Physics law that describes their behaviour, even if humanity does not know how it sounds yet. Starting from here, I want to share five reasons why exactly I am so fascinated to study this subject.

1. Pure curiosity

As I mentioned above, there is always a Physics law to anything in our world; however, we do not know them all yet. Every step, every discovery answers some questions but also creates even more other challenging questions. By studying Physics, you become a part of the history of finding a key to the Universe.


2. Beauty and unification

When you dig into this science and find so many correlations between what at first glance seems like completely unconnected things, you subconsciously start feeling the simplicity and beauty of the entire Universe. Moreover, as Theory of Everything suggests, there is one coherent theoretical framework of Physics that can explain literally everything. Unfortunately, it is unlikely for me to see it being proven, but despite that I still can observe this beauty in other branches of physics.


3. Self-improvement

Physics is the science which changes you for the better. You need strong will and patience to conquer challenges which you come across studying this subject. When you succeed, you become not only better in Physics, but also as a person. It teaches you to have critical thinking, which is significant both in your life and career. There are numerous other things where Physics helps you improve, however it will take a while to name all of them, so I will stop here.


4. Numerous career opportunities

To understand Physics, you have to learn other subjects too, such as Chemistry, Mathematics and especially Statistics, Computing, Biology, etc.. This knowledge gives a wide range of career opportunities. Moreover, nowadays the most cutting-edge research is being done where two different sciences meet each other e.g. Physics and Biology. The interdisciplinary application of Physics is one which therefore helps you build lots of different skills to suit many professional opportunities. 


5. Helping society

As Physics can possibly describe everything in the world, new discoveries can help people live in even more comfortable and safe world. It can probably extend human life span. It can help solve global problems. This science is about changing the world for the better and I am excited to be the part of these changes.


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