Remote learning: a day in the life of a postgraduate Mathematics student

By Hui Eng, MSc Complex Systems Modelling


The typical ‘day in the life’ as a student has changed quite a bit as we are not in usual circumstances. Adjusting to new ways of learning has been stressful, but I’ve also found a routine that works for me. 



I usually start of the day with trying to roll out of bed. Eventually when I do, I get dressed and try to emulate a usual day when I would be getting ready to go out – I feel that this helps me mentally prepare to start a work day, and it also prevents me from getting back into bed as I am in my going out clothes! Due to remote learning, there has been a lot more independent study going on and being able to separate and figure out my time has been very important to me. I think this has been slightly easier because of lockdown, as we are usually at home all the time.


Now that I’m ready, I start the day by creating a list of things that I have on my mind. I have found that lists are very effective as I’m quite a visual person, so seeing a checklist is very satisfying. A typical day of uni work will start off with me watching a few pre-recorded lectures. I’ve actually found pre-recorded lectures very helpful as I can pause and take time to fully understand the concept, and I don’t have to worry about the lecturer moving on too quickly without me. 


After watching the lectures, I’ll focus on solving problems and assignments that are set for that week. I am reading maths so there are problem sheets every week. Live lectures and tutorials for the same module are usually on the same day, so I will attend those. Live lectures are a good time to ask things that you don’t understand, or want the lecturer to go over. Then later on in the day I will attend office hours with a list of questions I have compiled over the week, maybe about the problem sheets or any of the lectures that I didn’t understand. These sessions have helped me immensely as I am guided one-to-one and can get further clarity if there’s a topic I’m finding tricky to understand.


I finish the day off with something relaxing, and rewarding. This changes from time to time – it can be from painting something or just chilling out, and I’ll always play a game or two at the end of the day to destress and end my day on a good note (if I win).


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