Why I chose MSc Complex Systems Modelling

By Hui Eng Lim, MSc Complex Systems Modelling

Like many out there, I remember thinking  ‘what is Complex Systems Modelling?’. It was an area that I hadn’t really put much thought into, but after a bit of research and learning of the language that allows me to study it today, I was fascinated. 

My curiosity towards this course was sparked during my third year of undergraduate study, through which I was able to see how mathematics played a role in biology. I was introduced to survival analysis, and learnt how complex systems can help us further progression in the medical field. I am really intrigued by the language that can be used to redefine the world that we live in, as it can offer a completely different perspective to the way we view everything. I think being able to capture the complexity of our society and nature around me is really beautiful; it makes me really appreciate the little details a lot more. The idea that we can model and predict a variety of things using mathematics is very exciting.

I remember re-reading my personal statement for my undergraduate studies, and remembered why I really decided to do mathematics – it was to further my ability to see the world around us using mathematics. It was a really odd feeling, because I honestly wasn’t initially sure about pursuing postgraduate studies. I was feeling very hesitant when it came to thinking about my future, but then realised that maybe Complex Systems is the future. I am really enjoying pursuing this goal, and exploring the depths of a side of mathematics that has much more complexity to it than you would think. 

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