Why I chose MSc Robotics

By Carafino, MSc Robotics

I worked for a Blue-chip engineering firm and a consulting consortium for two years prior to starting postgraduate study at King’s. On reflection, it was these professional experiences which played a big role in influencing this decision. 

The consultancy work I was undertaking in the Underwater Autonomous sector helped expose me to some truly amazing and highly-advanced technology, and I had great opportunities to travel around this world – which was pretty cool. My professional experiences enabled me to get an insight into major advances in the autonomous systems area – both domestically and internationally – and this is ultimately what gave me the confidence to consider returning to education.

As an engineer, it was in my nature to delve deeper and try and get an understanding into what make machines tick, and pin down where the inspirations and subsequent sciences came from. From a mechanical standpoint, I was comfortable with the ‘physical aspects’ with regard to design, manufacturing, operation and general kinematics of its operation. But where I had to research further and get a deeper appreciation was in the ‘brains’ behind the process.

The day that confirmed it was at a Military Tech Expo in the USA, specifically the moment when I noticed a company displaying an exoskeleton deigned to aid soldiers in carrying increased loads over longer distances. What really got me was the possible use in rehabilitation aspects of this product in the commercial sectorAs an engineer, I have always wanted to find a way to help people, but this struck me as something I could possibly do – where if I could help make a difference to a single person’s quality of life, I’d happily call my career a success. I decided to apply to King’s, and the rest is history!

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