5 things I love about Complex Systems Modelling

By Hui Eng, MSc Complex Systems Modelling

Although this feels like I’m writing a personal statement again for university, I must say that have always enjoyed maths! It was helpful that it was quite intuitive to me too, but I am insanely interested by how mathematics is used as a language in science, and how we can use mathematics to view the world from a different perspective and in a very beautiful way actually.

However if I had to boil it down to the essentials, there are five specific reasons as to way I love my course:


1. Real-life application

We can model endemics, epidemics and pandemics using just modelling techniques. The idea that we can model and predict many different things using mathematics is very exciting. My course has helped me see how mathematics plays a role in biology, I was introduced to survival analysis, and I have learnt how complex systems can help us improve medicine and how we diagnose patients.


2. There are opportunities to explore different areas, and expand your skillset

I’ve particularly enjoyed learning more about Python!




3. People in the department are very friendly, especially the lecturers

They have always been happy to help and on top of that they have been very understanding during this time too. They have patiently explained concepts to me and it has helped me enjoy myself in this course so much more. Studying part-time is also great as I have been able to take time to absorb the content a bit more.


4. The course is incredibly challenging, but I enjoy the intellectual inspiration!

I think you might understand what I mean; that feeling of when you don’t understand something is extremely frustrating, but when you finally break through and find that you’re able to do it, it feels very satisfying because you finally understand! This is a very rewarding feeling when studying mathematics.


5. There is scope for flexibility

Other than a few mandatory modules, there is a lot of freedom with what you can pick and what you can do (including taking modules from outside the course). This is definitely something I deeply appreciate, as I have many different interests and avenues that I would love to explore.


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