Life at King’s – Which societies did I join?


By Sumaya Ahmed, BSc Chemistry, Department of Chemistry

In the first year I remember going crazy in fresher’s fair and signing up to as many societies as I came across. There were many societies ranging from academic to social ones. I even joined Chocolate Society to see a chocolate road show, but I’m guessing I misspelt my email as I didn’t get an email from them and I was really looking forward to that.

One society from last year I was involved in was Islamic Society where I went to an icebreaker to talk to other people over pizza and drinks straight after lectures, making it the very first society event I went to in King’s.  It was a lovely experience being able to meet different people from different courses and years, also being surprised by how much in common you have.

This year I joined Table Tennis Society where I joined the team despite my lack of skills, at training the team captain and other members of team were always happy to show me wisdom on how I could improve to become a better player. We would train every Saturday in the morning to be ready to play for Wednesday’s matches. In table tennis, it was nice getting to meet many people that came from diverse parts of the world.

Obviously being a chemistry student I participate in Chemistry Society, last year I didn’t go as much, but due to the new committee this year arranging more non-alcoholic events for non-drinkers like me, I’ve been going to more events recently. It makes me happy to know that they’re trying to fit all sorts of events to everyone’s need instead of just one group of students.

At King’s, with such importance placed on diversity, I found I have always felt welcomed and that I could easily meet new people. For the next academic year I plan to join even more societies and meet more people.

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