An Alumni’s perspective: How King’s shaped my career path


We spoke to Haemin (2015 graduate, BSc Computer Science with Management) about how his experiences at King’s has shaped his career pathway. Read on to find out more!



Hi Haemin! What were your first impressions of your course and department?

I still remember the first ever lecture that I attended. I sat through the whole lecture thinking “the lecturer must be speaking in a different language” because I had no idea what he was saying. To be honest, it was a bit of a panicking moment for me..! But once I attended the seminars and labs, I was able to get a lot of support from my professors and course mates etc. It was certainly a challenging course but also very fulfilling once I started to understand!


How has your degree shaped your career pathway?

I worked for LG (where I also did my internship) when I graduated, and worked in a digital marketing team as a Business Planning Analyst. It was actually the perfect job for me at that time, as I really enjoyed studying marketing and technology was always something that I was interested in. Studying Computer Science certainly helped me in learning to use complex analytics tools which many companies use nowadays, and studying management was very helpful in understanding the concept and theories before putting them into practice in the real business world. It was very interesting and exciting to run real marketing activities which I had been learning about at King’s.


How did King’s change you?

King’s made me realise a lot of things: I’ve learnt the different subjects that I enjoy in my course and of course the ones that I enjoyed less. It allowed me to think about what I would enjoy doing after graduation. Also, seeing other course mates working in different industries through internships/placements made me realise what kind of jobs we can get into and gave me encouragement and motivation.


What are you doing now?

I am currently looking after market research/market intelligence (in marketing) for Sony’s European headquarters. I work in the Customer Insight Team, and manage and run all different kinds of research projects for Sony Europe’s B2B businesses. It’s an exciting job as it allows me to work with many different people across the world.  All projects are different, so I am doing something new all the time. It is also very fulfilling to provide insights and recommendations that supports our business’ strategic decisions.


How did King’s get you to where you are now?

King’s certainly carries its name value which I believe helped make my resume more competitive especially for my 1st job. King’s allowed me to narrow down the fields that I want to get into and explore what opportunities are out there. I remember employees from banking coming in to explain what kind of candidates they look for. For example at that time, I didn’t know people with my degree could go into investment banking, so it was a good opportunity for me to learn.


What piece of advice would you give to a new student?
Please don’t be too overwhelmed if you find your course too difficult at the start. You have all the support you need, believe that you will get through it. You were good enough to get into King’s so anything is possible 😊

Now as an employer myself, I would also say that it is important that you find what you enjoy doing while you are studying your course. It doesn’t have to be a specific field or a job. It can be certain subjects that you enjoy or even realisation that you enjoy working with other people, or you find yourself to be quite analytical. From there, you can narrow down what you can do with your interest/passion and how your degree can help you achieve that. Talk to people if you have questions – for example, you can make the use of career advisors at King’s, I am sure they will be very helpful to widen your thoughts. Employers will always look for what you are interested in and what you have been doing about it. And lastly, enjoy the time at King’s, it will be a very valuable time of your life!


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