Financial Mathematic MSc graduate – where are they now?



We caught up with King’s Alumnus Zairan (2020 graduate, MSc Financial Mathematics) to see what he is getting up to after graduating from his master’s.



In addition to my academic studies, I was very proactive in seeking internship opportunities when I was at King’s. This is because many employers value experience, and it is very important to have undertaken at least two or three work internships to showcase this. At my first internship I was a part-time assistant at Boston Consulting Group for five weeks. Right after that I was lucky enough to be involved in the engagement with Santander UK under the supervision of a risk manager for three months. This placement also influenced my academic work, as the experience informed part of my final dissertation.

I returned to China in the summer due to COVID-19, and immediately started to submit my resume to many companies – around 50 in total! The next month was filled with many different face-to-face interviews and, due to my internship experiences and how recognisable King’s is to employers, I was able to secure a job at PwC! My role is in risk consulting which perfectly combines the two industries that I interned in: risk and consulting. I’m so excited to start my new job and begin my career in an area which I am really passionate about. I am grateful for all the experiences I had at King’s, and how this has shaped my job opportunities.

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