A day in the life of a PG Informatics student


By Chris Mavraki, MSc Student from the Department of Informatics

A question I had before starting my Master’s here at Kings was what my typical day would be like. In this post I will let you in on what a day in the life of an MSc student is like in the Department of Informatics.

One of the perks of studying at King’s College London for me is that all my classes are located either at the Strand or Waterloo campus which are both located in the heart of London. After I take in the view whilst commuting, I attend my lectures for the day. For the first semester, I am attending four different modules. Hence, my timetable usually consists of a two-hour lecture and a one-hour tutorial which happen in lecture halls and are attended by master’s students of other disciplines as well as final year undergraduate students. I also attend practical sessions which take place in the informatics labs.

After the lectures for the day are done, I like to meet up with friends I have made here at King’s and unwind over a coffee and chat at the Shack, a KCLSU café which opened its doors this year. Other times, we climb up to the 8th floor of Bush House and enjoy the amazing views from the terrace, which include the Thames, the London Eye and the city.

While it is good to relax a bit, I find it best to study while I am still in the university grounds, as I find my focus is greater when I am in study spaces surrounded by other students who are doing the same. Luckily, at King’s you will find many such places. Since I am a part of the Department of Informatics most of my work happens in front of a computer, so I take full advantage of the amazing labs and study there. However, if you want to take your eyes of the screen and onto your books, the best place to do so is definitely the Maughan Library – especially the round reading room, which is a quiet zone, allowing you complete focus, and it is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing place you could possibly find yourself studying in.

Once the studying is done, another productive day in King’s has come to its end.  However, most days there are exciting events happening during the evenings. For example, KCL Tech society carries out weekly tutorials about different topics such as AI or IOS development which are very interesting. The careers and employability team also hold a variety of events from career fairs to talks from companies. For example, I recently attended a presentation by Facebook on the hiring process, here on campus.

As you can see, life at King’s is busy but at the same time very exciting. I cherish my time here at King’s and I strongly recommend that you take all the chances you are given: to meet friends, to join societies, to attend events and build your future.

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