Careers – How King’s is helping me prepare (Electronic Engineering)


By Jonathan Gan, MEng Electronic Engineering, Department of Informatics

In my first year of university, I was unaware of the various opportunities King’s had to offer when it came to my career. I, like many others, had very little knowledge of what I wanted to do after university. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from speaking to course mates, lecturers and industry leaders, it would be: start early.

From what I’ve gathered, there are two big things when it comes to work experience at university (if you’re not doing a year in placement).

Firstly, there are ‘Spring Weeks’ which are usually a one or two-week placement held in Easter for first years in a three-year course, or second years in a four-year course. Generally, a company gives you a comprehensive introduction into that company’s industry and culture.

Secondly, there are ‘Summer Internships’ which last usually around two-three months in summer. They are usually given to penultimate year students. Internships provide hands-on work experience and gives you an insight into what it would be like working for that company.

However, there are various other opportunities out there besides these two that can really help accelerate your career and are worth looking for.

King’s has many resources to assist you in your career and to help you find these opportunities. From your initial steps, to your post-university career, King’s has a vast network of contacts who are ready and willing to help you.

One of the big things that King’s has is a handy online platform called King’s Career Connect. Here you can see listings for career events from the undergraduate level to the postgraduate level, for all the different industries.

I was interested in investment banking and consulting, so I signed up to many of those events listed on Career Connect. Through these events, I was able to speak to industry leaders and recruiters. I gained a better insight into how these industries operate and the type of work they do. Through these events, I learnt that I wanted to pursue work experience in consulting and get more hands-on experience.

Another tool that was helpful in coming to this decision was King’s vast array of clubs and societies. The King’s Business Club, as well as the King’s Consulting and Financial Advisory Society, were particularly helpful. I was able to attend events such as ‘Technology 101’ where there was a panel of employees for some of the world’s leading companies such as Google, Starship and YouTube. I found out what sort of qualities they were looking for in their employees and how to optimise your application. It was exciting to hear from specialists in their fields and explore their career journeys.

No matter what stage you are in your career search, King’s wants you to excel and assist you. That’s why King’s connects students with industry professionals and leaders. Providing companies with great students and giving King’s students meaningful and fulfilling careers with companies they are excited to work for. King’s has helped me tremendously to find out what sort of career trajectory I wish to follow, and I look forward to what prospects lie ahead.


  1. Hello Jonathan,
    I have applied to Electronic engineering and I was wondering If I could change (in first or second year) for Electronic engineering with management if I change my mind.
    Thanks for your reply.

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