A day in the life of an Electronic Engineering student

By Idan, an Electronic Engineering student

As an Electronic Engineering student my day is quite busy but also very rewarding!

I usually wake up at around 8am and my first lecture is at 10am. Most of my lectures are 2 to 3 hours long but the lecturers always give a 10-minute break every hour which is extremely helpful. Thanks to KEATS (King’s online learning platform), we can review the presentation slides before coming to class which is a great way to plan ahead and really make sure you understand what you are learning. During lectures, you always have time to ask questions and each academic will give you further suggested reading list if you’d like to dive deeper into the topic.   

In addition to the lectures we also have tutorials and hands-on labs. Tutorials give you the option to revise the material covered that week in more depth and often include past paper questions. Tutorials are taught by teaching assistants, and they are your go-to person to consult with as they have done the same course before. 

There are new facilities in the Macadam building, including this teaching lab for robotics and telecommunications. Photo courtesy of Overbury PLC.

The favourite part of my studies is the hands-on experience in our high-tech electronics lab. The lab sessions are designed around the same topics covered in the lectures but now you are tasked with building and exercising in practice what you were taught in theory beforehand. The labs are a great way to actually experience many areas of electronic engineering. 

To sum up, every week at King’s offers you three different ways to study. It can be challenging but no matter how you study, you’ll always feel satisfied. 

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