The international opportunities I’ve had at King’s

By Zeena, BEng Biomedical Engineering

By Zeena Shawa, BEng Biomedical Engineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering

King’s offers lots of international opportunities. To me, this includes the multicultural environment it promotes and embraces, but also in the opportunities offered when it comes to internships abroad.

To start, King’s is an international world-class university, from its lecturers to its students. My course mates and flatmates are from all parts of the world and it is awesome to get to know more about different cultures and meet people from all over the globe. There are also many societies from different cultures, such as the Hellenic Society and the African and Caribbean Society. What is nice about these societies is that they are open to having anyone simply interested in the culture, and also host events open to anyone.

Language modules, courses, as well as events, are also available through the Modern Language Centre. I have been able to practice the Mandarin I learn in the extra module I take, by signing up for free speaking practice with a native speaker, which was great. Being in London definitely helps in experiencing many different cultures, from food to festivities.

Most importantly, King’s offers many international opportunities when it comes to studies. It offers a Global Internships Programme, in places from Shanghai to Washington. Still, if you rather go someplace else, or want a different internship than those offered, there is a Self-Sourced Internships Programme, where if you find an opportunity, King’s helps and supports you along the way. This includes financial support, in the form of free insurance, several bursaries, or competitions you can take part in. I am grateful for receiving the Student Opportunity fund, which provided £500 to aid in my travel costs.

While in a careers fair in London, which I had found about through King’s Careers Connect (this is a platform for work opportunities or careers-related events or services), I met the Head of the School of Life Sciences and Technology at Shanghai Tech University and after having an informal chat, sent him my CV and a cover letter, which led me to doing a two-month summer internship in Shanghai in his genetics laboratory. King’s helped validate the internship and also provided all guidance with regards to travelling and living somewhere new. My internship was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime sort of opportunity, with several challenges, but many new experiences and adventures, and the support King’s offered was substantial in making it happen.

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