A day in the life of a Computer Systems Engineering with Management student (a PG Perspective)


By Vighnesh Namathodu Thyagarajan, MSc Computer Systems Engineering with Management, Department of Informatics

The one thing I can say with certainty about life as a student is that every day is different, unique & challenging. However, here’s a brief glimpse of what a typical day looks like for me – a master’s student at King’s College London.

That realisation of ‘Oh boy, it’s Morning again..!!’

I have to admit this guys, the hour at which my morning starts solely depends on my previous night’s activities. Let’s just say it varies vastly from partying and having a good time chilling with friends to completing an assignment and applying for graduate jobs.

But usually, my day begins at 6.30am or 8.00am depending on my lecture time. I commute from Colchester to London every day to attend classes (that’s how dedicated I am, ha!). Caffeine is compulsory before I start as I need some insurance to not sleep during the first hour.

Ok. Lecture hour.

My master’s degree, loosely interpreted, means my week is packed with a mixture of lectures, labs, and tutorials all through the week and assignments chasing me every few weeks. I do make determined tries to prepare for my forthcoming lectures and tutorials during the lecture breaks but end up scrolling through Facebook posts and eating at The Vault.

Time to finally reward myself with lunch – Yaay…!!

I prefer home-cooked food but there are days where my kitchen reflects my bank account (read ‘empty’), so I set myself on a quest to find food on campus. I’ll need another blog solely to discuss campus food choices, so I’ll leave you with this one line – I study at the Strand campus & I love The vault, King’s Kitchen and The Shack. 😊

Few more lectures post a good & very filling lunch

For the most part of the week, I have a fairly ok schedule post lunch, but on Mondays (and only Mondays!), I will have to get through a lab and a lecture post lunch. But it’s not all that depressing as it sounds. Fortunately for me, I enjoy computer vision and security engineering lectures so I get through these with ease.

Evenings are supposed to be fun. Presumably.

Between the constant struggles to meet deadlines, it’s always good to have some fun.

One of the coolest things about being at the Strand campus is that it has the best views in the city and for free too! Most of the time, my friends and I are usually having a nice chat on the Bush House terrace. Group study and assignment sessions quickly turn into deep life altering discussions, movies and topics with dark humour!

Night Night 🙂


As a student, one has to accept that sleep is over-rated. Thanks to my assignments, and Netflix, of course. However, I end up getting a fair few hours of sleep just to ease my brain into getting ready for another new and exciting day.

In conclusion, all I want to convey is that whilst it does take time to settle into your own version of an everyday life at King’s, the experience, support, location and the atmosphere will make you feel warm & welcome.

Oh wait, did I ever mention about going for a jog or exercising? Well, there’s always tomorrow right?! 😀

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