What is the King’s community like?


By Michael Leeman, BEng Electronic Engineering, Department of Informatics

My life at King’s has, so far, been a thoroughly pleasurable experience. Not only I am gaining a highly valuable education, but I’m also learning new life skills that are essential for adulthood and the workplace. The transition from sixth form to university has granted me greater independence and maturity; making me feel more prepared to take on the real world. Becoming a university student exposed me to new challenges that I never encountered before, including budgeting to limit my expenses, organisation skills to cope with workload and even cooking!

In my opinion, the King’s community is a stand-out quality of the university. I have found that all my lecturers are approachable and willing to help, inspiring and motivating me to excel in my academic studies. What’s more, my personal tutor has been particularly supportive through-out my time at King’s, from reviewing my CV to advising me regarding my prospects. Although, what especially pleases me is that my classes consist of mature and friendly students who are always happy to offer their help when I’m struggling. I enjoy hanging out with my friends in-between lectures and catching up on their views on certain aspects of the course.

What I personally find satisfying about university is that I work in the laboratories, providing me with the opportunity to put my theory into practice. I have always enjoyed expressing my creativity and undertaking exciting projects, which is why I look forward to my lab sessions. Usually, I collaborate with lab partners on university projects, which is a great chance to meet new students and create friends.

As a student who commutes from outside London, it was at first quite difficult to perfectly balance my time between extracurricular activities and my university work. However, I wanted to join a society to embrace the full university experience and meet like-minded individuals who were from outside the Department of Informatics. With hundreds of societies and activity groups to choose from, I found the Robotics Society to be the most suitable for me. This is because they’re centralised on a hobby that I enjoy, and they have events at a time I’m able to attend.

In the future, I’m looking forward to attending more extracurricular activities at King’s College by joining the Wheatstone Lab and other societies.

I am very gratified by my time at King’s and I shall always treasure my memories here.

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