Making the most of your time at King’s


By Neha Gazula, BEng Biomedical Engineering, Department of Engineering

When I think about what university life should be like, I think of it as being an opportunity to expand your horizons in all aspects. In other words, a chance to gain knowledge and develop new skills in all kinds of different fields that go beyond obtaining your degree. Luckily at King’s, this opportunity was easily available for me due to the wide variety of societies and events arranged for students to participate in.

Being a first year student, I knew that I would not have as much free time in the next few years of my course as I would now. Therefore, I decided to get involved in as many activities as possible.

Dance has always been a huge hobby of mine, so it was natural that I joined the Dance Society. I got to develop my contemporary skills further as well as use it as a way to relieve day to day stress.

I also joined the UNICEF On Campus Society where I got the chance to teach young children to read and encourage them to take further interest in literature.

Studying biomedical engineering meant that I was automatically enrolled into the Engineering Society. This involved attending lots of socials and quiz nights where I got to meet the second and third year students, giving me a chance to seek some good advice on how to cope up with the course and perform well.

Joining these societies also helped me in meeting new people from all over the world, allowing me to learn and deepen my understanding about the different cultures that exist. Many people worry about not being able to form friendships at university, however actively engaging in such activities is a great way to find your group of people.

One of the advantages of studying at King’s would be its prime location. Having its campuses situated in the heart of London – Waterloo and Strand – meant that it was easy to explore London and visit some of its iconic sites such as Trafalgar Square, the Palace of Westminster and the London Eye, a few minutes’ walk away.

Going to The Waterfront Bar offered by the Student Union, in between or after lectures, to relax and enjoy the glorious views of London while having some snacks with friends, became a part of my routine.

On the weekends, I would take time to visit some of the museums, parks and the food markets around the city.

There wasn’t a single time where I felt like I had run out of things to do. As an international student, this definitely helped me cope with feeling homesick as I was always busy doing things or surrounded by my new friends.

Life at King’s during my first year has been a memorable one and was more than what I could have anticipated for. I look forward to seeing what the next two years have in store for me!

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