Life at King’s – Time outside of lectures


By William Massey, MSci Physics, Department of Physics

One of the big questions I had when I joined King’s was wondering what life outside of the lecture hall would entail. Most of the stereotypes of student life I knew seemed to be based on campus universities and small cities. Living in London is like neither of those. I was pleased to learn however that even though King’s is in the heart of a massive city, there is enough going on within the university to make me feel at home.

Lots of my time outside the classroom has been spent socialising, and whether through societies or sports clubs, there really is something for everyone. I just remember walking around the Fresher’s Fair when I first arrived being amazed at how many different societies were on offer to join, and, having been on the committee when trying to start a new society, the Space Society, I now realise the time and effort people put in trying to organise events for everyone throughout the year.

Also, joining a sports team has been great fun for me. However much I have been studying I always look forward to letting off steam as part of the rugby club. It really is a great way to get a break from work and also meet people from completely different courses and get out of your comfort zone.

And for just socially meeting with friends there are no shortage of places to have a social chat or a drink. I’m sure that the new facilities in Bush House, just over the road from the main Strand building, will provide good replacements for the great views from the Waterfront Bar. There are also enough different places to meet with friends for everything from a casual study session to a post-lecture drink dotted around the university.

Throughout my three years at King’s I always felt there was a like-minded group for everyone at the university, and these social events and societies have allowed me to meet some wonderful people and have really improved my experience at King’s. I definitely would recommend making of the most of these opportunities at every chance available.

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