5 Reasons Why I Chose to Study Physics

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By Alexandra Ivanova, MSc Physics

I started studying Physics at the age of 14. From the very first lessons I realised how impressive and fascinating this subject was. Shortly after that, I experienced a spark of curiosity in me about the world surrounding us. This tiny curiosity then grew into an obsession, which could no longer be contained, burning within me, blossoming into a true passion.

However, one cannot make an important decision such as choosing university based only on emotion. Thus, before I chose my current field of study, I searched myself inside out for more reasons to choose physics.

Therefore, now I want to share five reasons why I chose to study Physics.

  1. Curiosity

First and foremost, I have always loved to discover the world, and thus, what other subject other than Physics would provide such a great opportunity to find the secrets of the universe? Physics provide answers to the most fundamental questions, and this can be clearly seen in the fact that no other natural science can be taught without a dabbling into the world of physics.

  1. Opportunities

A lot of people are unsure of exactly what they want to do after getting a degree, or they do not want to lock themselves into a narrow career path. I am one of these people, and so, it was important to be flexible. Physics is a very versatile subject. After getting a degree in Physics you will have plentiful opportunities aside from doing research in science. You can make your way up in business, engineering, analytics, etc. Physics provides a level of career flexibility not many other degrees can boast about, thus, giving you a sense of freedom and security.

  1. People

Since my childhood, I have been entranced by great minds, who managed to explain the world surrounding all of us. I have read all of Richard Feynman’s books, and he was the one who inspired me to apply for a Physics degree.

A physics degree is very interactive, and will allow you to complete many group activities and projects. This creates a true sense of community, and makes it feel as though you are a part of something great! There will be many opportunities to meet new people, learn key skills for any collaborative work, and share your knowledge and understanding. And who knows, maybe, one of the people you encounter could be a brilliant mind, such as Richard Feynman, or it could be you!

  1. Knowledge and experience

Physics is a vast subject, along your degree you will study advanced mathematics, programming, and if you wish to, medicine, biology, statistics, and even nanotechnologies. When you study such an advanced subject, you attain many skills and an ocean of knowledge. I wanted to become a person who is adaptable and flexible, and who will never find themselves lost or clueless, no matter the situation, and that’s why I decided to choose this degree.

  1. Cutting-edge technology

I was and still am a very avid user of technology. Thus, since my last years of school I have been wanting to build my future career around the cutting-edge technology of 21st century. And Physics is exactly the subject which allows you to be on the front lines of technological progress. I believe, that Physics gives a perfect combination of theory and practice for you to use them in the development of the new technology.

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