5 Reasons Why I Love Physics and Philosophy

Ritthigaa Anabayan overlooking the River Thames in London

By Ritthigaa Anabayan, BSc Physics and Philosophy with a year abroad

Have you ever heard of someone who studied Physics and Philosophy at university? When I was researching possible university courses, I knew that I hadn’t, and I was surprised that a course combining the two existed. In fact, there are very many reasons why Physics & Philosophy is an amazing course to study, and I will go through five reasons that stand out to me the most.

  1. Unique combination of subjects

Remember what I said earlier? One of the most impressive things about studying a Physics and Philosophy degree is that… very few people have heard of it before! Not only will you get “oooh”s and ”aaah”s when you mention to friends, family and strangers that you study these subjects, it is also a great way to stand out from everyone else who chooses to do more traditional courses.

  1. Versatility in career options

Both physics and philosophy open a wide range of career paths for graduates, so by studying both subjects, you can more than double the options you have for your future career! Some typical physics jobs include: academic researcher, full-time physicist, data analyst, software engineer, actuary and secondary school teacher. In addition, a background in philosophy can also land you jobs in the civil service, law firms, advertising agencies, publishing companies and many more.

  1. No Labs!

If you studied physics at school prior to university and you never enjoyed practical lessons, but you still have an interest in physics, then perhaps a Physics and Philosophy degree is for you! At school I disliked the practical aspect of physics, but doing this degree has allowed me to enjoy the theoretical parts that I love yet not have to deal with the burdens of lab reports and fiddly practicals. At King’s, there are no compulsory lab modules for Physics and Philosophy students over the course of the degree, and you do not need to have studied philosophy previously at school, so it is an amazing compromise for those like me who would much rather leave all the trauma of lab work behind.

  1. Making friendships and being part of a community

One of the best parts of studying Physics and Philosophy is that you are introduced to people on both sides of the course. This means that you have a higher chance of meeting friends who share similar interests to you. Not only that, you can bond with other Physics and Philosophy students and forge a tight-knit bond with those who are similar to you. In my cohort, there are approximately 35 Physics and Philosophy students, and I have formed connections with a great part of them, serving as an important support network and good study partners for me in my future years at university, in addition to my just-Physics friends.

  1. Engage with two fields which are constantly developing

The final reason why I love Physics and Philosophy is that both physics and philosophy are not static fields, which means that for the foreseeable future there is much to research and discover. Age old debates in philosophy about the reality of the universe and the best moral code for humans, along with the mysterious questions of the origin of the cosmos and the missing part to the Standard Model, are areas that remain unanswered and disputed. Being a Physics and Philosophy student, I constantly appreciate and am humbled by how much we don’t know about fundamental questions, yet motivated by the endless possibilities of discovery, which is why I think a Physics & Philosophy degree, for me at least, is so rewarding.

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