What’s it like returning to study after work? My top tips for master’s students

By Mohit, Computational Finance MSc

It can be a little challenging to get back to university after working for a couple of years because one might feel rusty with the concepts. Although, I believe learning is not defined by age rather it’s a lifestyle.  At the end of the day, it’s all about persevering and making the best out of your life choices.

Here are some of my tips that are helping me sail through a master’s just fine.

Make a routine and stick to it

Your master’s will consist of lectures, assignments, quizzes, lifetime friends, and loads of fun. To make sure that you can keep a balance and manage everything just fine, it’s important to make a routine and follow it wholeheartedly. Although, make sure to keep it a bit flexible and treat yourself after every small milestone you achieve.

Interact with people around you

It’s important to get to know your fellow students and learn from each and everyone. Value everyone you meet and try to talk and share ideas. It really helps you get through the challenging times. When like-minded people work together, the energy within the group keeps everyone going. It’s a “win-win” situation for everyone.

Use all the available resources

Enrolling in a university comes with an abundance of resources. Make sure to try everything out there and see what works for you. I found it really fascinating with the resources available in the King’s Library. You could also visit the King’s Careers & Employability Centre to get CV advice or find an internship. Or if you want to make new friends and explore your interests, why not join a society. There’s so many resources on offer at King’s.

Remember your motivations and never give up!

Sometimes it can be challenging to feel motivated about studying because it’s been a while since you went through the process of studying. At times like this it is important to keep reminding yourself about the motivation behind getting back to education. It could be anything, that dream career change you always thought of, a master’s degree you always wanted to add to your portfolio, or getting into research that you always wanted to. Keep the destination in mind but enjoy the journey. That is what will make the process smooth.

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