Why I chose to study Data Science MSc

By Derin, Data Science MSc

There are several reasons to choose to study Data Science at King’s. In this post, I will be sharing my reasons for choosing to study the course at King’s.

It goes without saying that demand for Data Scientists has been skyrocketing over the years. Data Scientists are required to have a combination of skills in business, statistics, and programming. This course provides teaching and materials in the advanced technical and practical skills required to succeed in this field.  

Personally, completing a master’s degree in Data Science aligns perfectly with my long-term career goals. After working for about 2 years as a Data Scientist in the banking sector, I decided to pursue a master’s degree in Data Science in order to become better at my job and broaden my horizon beyond the banking sector. The best way for me to do that was to gain an understanding of the principles, approaches, and methods of Data Science.  

I wanted to learn the fundamentals of the Data Science concepts such as Statistics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning. Since the start of my course, I have brushed up my Python skills, completed a range of projects in SQL, Python, R, and Matlab. I also wanted to broaden my skills and knowledge in the tools and techniques available to complete projects in this field. In the coming semester, I will be learning about technologies required for big data which is a must-have in the field. These skills and knowledge will inevitably set me apart from my peers in job applications. 

After completing my master’s, I can choose to go on to work as a Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer, the options are endless. I love that it offers me the flexibility of working in any of these roles as I would’ve acquired the skills required for any of these roles. 

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